Chaiti Chhath 2020 Greetings , the pilgrim tour

Happy Chaiti  Chhath Puja 2020 – The 2nd Online Travel Pilgrim Tour, Varanasi One of the famous festivals of Hindus is celebrated twice in Chhath year. The first is Chaiti Chhath and the second is Karthiki Chhath. Chaiti Chhath is celebrated on…

Chaitra Navratri Greetings Day6 Mata Katyayni, the pilgrim tour Varanasi

Navratri Day 6 Greetings from the 2nd online Travel , the pilgrim Tour

Yoga & Meditation for COVID- 19, the perfect Tourism Varanasi, Varanasi Travel Company, the 2nd Online

In a promotional video made public this week, Ramdev, in his trademark saffron robes and clutching a sample of the medicinal plant produced by Patanjali, the company he co-founded, says: “We’ve done scientific research and found Ashwagandha…doesn’t allow blending of corona protein with human protein.”

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