Sometimes you have to be your own Hero :Varanasi Tours

Sometimes you have to be your own Hero – Varanasi Tours

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Sometimes you have to be your own hero; it’s always best to cast yourself in the lead role. Building an attitude of “I got this!” is one of the healthiest attitudes to create within yourself. Doing things on your own and for yourself builds confidence, and confidence makes more things possible. Sometimes faith makes even the impossible things possible. Doing something for yourself shall give you a sense of pride at all times.

“Sometimes you have to be your own hero” is not talking about those of us with a written excuse, but it is about those without any justification. The way to survive and even thrive is to face the fact that sometimes you have to be your hero in this life, and there is nothing wrong with that idea if that is what it takes to keep you going forward. When you think of a hero, whatever visual picture comes to your mind, you must add yourself to that photo.

So, we can all think of great people in history who by their actions made our lives better, but to bring it closer to home — your home — no matter what the outside world says about you or your position in life, it reminds you that sometimes you have to be your own hero so others can see a welcoming light and find their way to safety.

There is nothing wrong with being your own hero:

There is nothing wrong with being your own hero, but in fact, it just might be the best thing you can be since it will fully encompass all you are and ever will be. Being your own hero means showing yourself real love by developing your own values and staying true to any commitments you’ve made to yourself.  So, do what you say you’re going to do and feel proud of yourself, confident in your character. At last, heroes are all about intention, consistency and compassion.

Maybe sometimes you have to stop waiting for someone to come along and fix what’s wrong. Maybe you have to stop feeling sorry for yourself and realize that no one else has the correct answer. Perhaps sometimes you have to be your own HERO.

Ramesh Verma CMD, the Second Online Travel, Pahariya Varanasi. Varanasi Tours  


Sometimes you have to be your own Hero
Some days are in your favor and some are against to you. Sometime you are on the way of happiness and sometime you are surrounded by grief. Sometime you feel you get what you want and some time you feel empty. These all are the phases of life through which every person passed.








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