Happy Chhath Puja- 2019 Greetings from the Second Online Travel , Varanasi , Uttar Pradesh , India

One of the most revered festivals of Bihar, the four day “Chhath Puja”  begins from today  with “Nahay Khay”. 

Chhath Puja’ is a famous festival of Hindus.This festival is mainly celebrated in the state of Bihar adjoining Nepal, Uttar Pradesh and some other parts of India with great  . Chhath Puja takes place during 6th day (Shasthi) lunar fortnight (Shukla Paksha) of Karthik month according to Hindu Calendar. It generally falls in the month of October-November. Chhath Puja is also known as Dala Chhath. In this important festival setting Sun (dawn) is worshiped. The festival is observed with the faith that the Sun God fulfills wishes if ‘araghya’ is offered with complete dedication and devotion. It is a festival connected with purity, devotion to the Sun God who is considered as the source of life on this earth and is regarded as the deity who fulfills all our wishes. The festival is with an aim to express thanks to Sun God for offering energy to earth continuously enabling the environment suitable for the people to live. Along with the Sun God people worship ‘Chhathi Maiya’ on this day.

On this festival devotees assemble at the ghats at rivers and ponds and take a holy dip before preparing offerings (Prasad). The main constituent of the offerings are Thekua, which is a wheat based cake. Offerings are preferably cooked on earthen Chulha (oven). During the offerings, offerings are contained in small, semicircular pans woven out of bamboo strips called Soop. The festival lasts for four days.

During the festival, fasting is observed by lady folks or married women for the well-being of their sons and the happiness of family members. The festival takes place for four days, the very first day of Chhath is called Nahay Khay. On this day, the devotees take a holy dip into the water, especially into the river Ganga and take only single meal on this day (the women folk who observe the fast).

The second day of the festival is called Kharna. On this day, the fasting without any drop of water is observed from the sunrise to the sunset. The fast is broken in the evening just after the sunset and making as well as offering food to the Sun God. After having Prasad on the second day, the third day’s fasting begins.

On the third day, a day-long fast is observed without taking water. The third day is the main day of Chhat Puja known as Sanjhiya Ghat. Offering Arghya to the setting sun is the essence of this day. It is the only time of the year on which people worship the setting Sun and offer Arghya. The third day’s fasting goes on throughout the night. On the next day after sunrise the Parna begins.

On the fourth or can say the final day of Chhath, people offer Arghya to the rising Sun, which is called Usha Argya. After Arghya, the 36 hours long fast is broken.

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