Every day is a fresh start: The Second Online Travel

  Every day is a fresh start- The Second Online Travel ( Pahariya Mandi, Pahariya , Varanasi) Every day of   life is a fresh start or new beginning, not just the first day of the year. One can make Daily…

Need Travel Assistance in Varanasi!

Varanasi Travel Assistance The 2nd OnlineTravel Agency is a confidential seller/ public service that presents tourism related services to the public on behalf of dealers like hotel, package tour, railways, rentals car, bus, airlines, sea ways .In addition to trading with regular tourists,The 2nd Online Travel Agency has a separate department committed…

Varanasi Rangbhari Ekadashi -2020

Varanasi Rangbhari Ekadashi Rangbhari Ekadashi 2020: फाल्गुन मास के शुक्ल पक्ष की एकादशी रंगभरी एकादशी के नाम से भी जानी जाती है, हालांकि इसे आमलकी एकादशी भी कहते हैं। इस वर्ष रंगभरी एकादशी 06 मार्च दिन शुक्रवार को है। रंगभरी एकादशी…

Once the storm passes, the sun will shine once again- Varanasi Travel

The truth is that many times in life and love, and family and friends the difficult road you find yourself traveling today, with all its frustration and pain and agony, will, in time, lead to a beautiful destination. Varanasi Travel – The Second Online

Let’s burn our all bad things in our life with this Holika Dahan.Wish you all a very Happy Holika Dahan.

The 2nd Online  Travel – Holika Dahan-2020   Today it is the special day of Holika Dahan  where a heap of wooden planks is burnt as a symbol of burning Holika.According to Hindu mythology, Holika was the evil creature who…

The Professional Tourism Varanasi Story

The 2nd Online Travel Agency is added by a team of professional employees. All are bifurcated into different teams for serving clients that approach us regarding various services. Since our workforce is agile and prompt, they resolve the query of a…

Varanasi Travel Management Company , the 2nd Online

Varanasi Travel Management Company , the 2nd Online is the top player in the Varanasi Tourism , It is the single stop solution for every travel need .

Yoga & Meditation for COVID- 19, the perfect Tourism Varanasi, Varanasi Travel Company, the 2nd Online

In a promotional video made public this week, Ramdev, in his trademark saffron robes and clutching a sample of the medicinal plant produced by Patanjali, the company he co-founded, says: “We’ve done scientific research and found Ashwagandha…doesn’t allow blending of corona protein with human protein.”

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