Shubh Shardiya Navratra Day 5 Skandmata- the pilgrimage tour Varanasi

Shubh Shardiya Naratri Day 5
Navratri Greetings Day 5 Skandmata – the pilgrimage tour Varanasi

Skandmata – Shardiya Navratri Day 5  – Varanasi Pilgrimage Tour

Skandmata Mata is worshipped on the fifth day of Navratri. Her name means: ‘Skanda’ – Lord Kartikeya/Murugan and ‘Mata’ – mother. Hence, this name means that she is the mother of the Skanda (Lord Karthikeya).Maa Skandmata has four arms and she rides on a lion. 2 of her arms carry lotus, 1 arm carry baby Kartikeya, and another one stays in the Abhaya Mudra. As she sits on the lotus, Goddess Padmasana is her another name. She is the Goddess who can bless her devotees with power and prosperity. Also, she can bless her worshipper with immense intelligence as well as salvation. She is also considered as the Goddess of fire. As she is the epitome of motherly love in this form, devotees get blessed with her immense love.

As the legend goes, there was a great demon, Tarkasur. He did extreme penance for years to impress Lord Brahma; and finally the Lord appeared in front of him. He, then, requested for a boon of becoming immortal. Brahma Ji explained that death is inescapable on this planet earth. Being quite witty, he thought that Shiva will never get married, as he is an ascetic. So, he requested Brahma to grant him a boon that he can only be killed by the son of Shiva. Lord Brahma agreed on this and he started torturing the world thinking that he cannot be killed.

Being tortured, all the Devtas visited Lord Shiva and requested to him to get married. Hence, he married Goddess Parvati and became the father of Lord Kathikeya (Skand Kumar). When Kartikeya grew up, he killed the Demon Tarkasur and saved everyone.


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Skandmata Day 5 Shubh Navratra Greetings – Varanasi Pilgrimage Tourism




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