Happy Holika Dahan & Chhoti Holi: Varanasi Travel

Let’s burn all the grudges we have with the world and start afresh.!! Happy Holika Dahan!

Happy Holika Dahan & Chhoti Holi – Varanasi Travel

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Holika Dahan Timing & Muhurta        

Holika Dahan on Sunday, March 28, 2021 Holika Dahan Muhurta – 06:37 PM to 08:56 PM Duration – 02 Hours 20 Mins


There was once a demon king by the name of Hiranyakashyap who won over the kingdom of earth. He was so egoistic that he commanded everybody in his kingdom to worship only him. Still, to his great disappointment, Prahlad became an ardent devotee of Lord Narayana and refused to worship his father.

Hiranyakashyap tried several ways to kill his son Prahlad, but Lord Vishnu saved him every time. After numerous unsuccessful attempts, the demon king thought of taking help from his sister, Holika, who had a boon by Lord Brahma, which said she would not be burnt in a fire. Lastly, he asked his sister, Holika, to enter a blazing fire with Prahlad in her lap. For, Hiranyakashyap knew that Holika had a boon, whereby she could enter the fire unscathed. Treacherously, Holika coaxed young Prahlad to sit in her lap, and she took her seat in a blazing fire. The legend has it that Holika had to pay the price of her sinister desire by her life. Holika was not aware that the boon worked when she entered the fire alone. Prahlad, who kept chanting the name of Lord Narayana all this while, came out unharmed, as the Lord blessed him for his extreme devotion.

 As the legend depicts that anybody, howsoever strong, cannot harm a true devotee. Those who dare torture a true devotee of God shall be reduced to ashes. Even today, people enact the scene of ‘Holika’s burning to ashes’ every year to mark the victory of good over evil. In several states of India, especially in the north, effigies of Holika are burnt in the huge bonfires that are lit. There is even a practice of hurling cow dungs into the fire and shouting obscenities at it as if at Holika. Then everywhere one hears shouts of ‘Holi-hai! Holi-hai!’. The ritual symbolizes the victory of good over evil. People sing and dance around the fire. People also perform parikrama of fire. People burn fires on the occasion of Holika Dahan to eliminate their ego, lust, greed, anger, and jealousy. Let’s burn our all bad things in our life with this Holika Dahan. We, at the Second Online Travel, Varanasi. Wish you all a very Happy Holika Dahan.     

Holika Dahan Mantra                                                            

नमस्ते नरसिंहाय प्रह्लादाह्लाद दायिने

हिरण्यकशिपोर्वक्षः शिला-टङ्क-नखालये 

 इतो नृसिंहः परतो नृसिंहो

यतो यतो यामि ततो नृसिंहः

बहिर्नृसिंहो हृदये नृसिंहो

नृसिंहमादिं शरणं प्रपद्ये

I bow to Lord Narasimha, who protected Prahlad from evil. I bow to Lord Narasimha, who eliminated stone-hearted Hiranyakashpu with his sharp claws.Lord Narasimha is omnipresent. He is here; he is there. He is inside and outside. I bow at the feet of Lord Narasimha, the protector of the good.

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