Mata Kushmanda, VaranasiShubh Navratri Day 4, the 2nd online travel

Legend is that Goddess Durga created the universe with a “little egg”, i.e. “Ku + Ushma + Anda = “Little + Energy + egg” , means the one who create the universe as “Little Cosmic Egg” with the energy of Her divine smile is called “Kushmanda”………….. Secondly, as She liked the sacrifice of pumpkin (Sanskrit, कूष्माण्ड, pumpkin, பரங்கிக்காய்) so She is known by the name Kushmanda………. Thirdly, Kushmanda is also known as “Ashtabhuja” as she is often depicted as having eight arms. In her seven hands she holds kamandalu, bow, arrow, lotus, a jar of nectar, discus and mace. In Her eighth hand She holds a rosary capable of giving Ashta Siddhis and Nava Niddhis, also riding a lion which represents “Dharma”……. During Navaratri devotees take bathe in Durga Kund and worship Goddess Kushmanda Durga Devi Who washes away all sins accumulated over entire life time! Particulary the fourth day Durga Puja belongs to Goddess Kushmanda who eliminahttp://www.the2nd.onlinetes ailments and sorrows and bestowes longevity, name, strength and health………

Kushmanda Durga Temple in Varanasi was built in 1780 by Ahilya Bai holker and this temple is also locally called as “Monkey temple” because of the presence of large number of monkeys around the temple!……. According to legend, the present statue of Goddess Durga was not made by man but appeared on its own in the temple (swayambu). The temple has multi-tiered spires and is stained red with ochre, representing the red colour of Durga. Built by a Bengali Maharani, the architecture is of Nagara Style, which is typical of North India. Thousands of Hindu devotees visit the Durga temple during Navaratri and other auspicious occasions………. The temple has a rectangular tank of water called the Durga Kund. The Kund was initially connected directly to the river thus the water was automatically replenished. This channel was later closed, locking off the water supply, which is now replenished only by rain or drainage from the Temple. Every year on the occasion of Naga Panchami, the act of depicting Lord Vishnu reclining on the coiled-up mystical snake or “Shesha” is recreated in the Kund…….Inside the temple, besides Swayambu Durga amman, Bairavar, Saraswathy, Lakshmi, and Vishnu are enshrined. Outside the temple premises one can have the darshan of Lord Sankata Vimochana Hanuman.

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